Conference Program

Themes and list of sessions for XII ISAES 2015 Goa
Session no.
Theme: Antarctica and supercontinent evolution
1 Geochronology of Antarctic Orogens V. Ravikant
2 Geodynamic evolution of the Dronning Maud Land mountains Joachim Jacobs
A. Läufer, S. Elvevold
M. Satish-Kumar
M. Elburg
N.C. Pant
3 Crustal blocks adjacent to Antarctica- Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Antarctica Geoffrey Grantham
Daniel Dunkley
4 West Antarctica: Problem Child of Gondwanaland” – A Symposium Highlighting the Contributions of Ian W.D. Dalziel and David H. Elliot to Antarctic Tectonics Terry Wilson
Thomas Fleming
Anne Grunow
Bryan Storey
5 The Rodinian orogeny in East Gondwana- implications for supercontinent evolution;  N.C. Pant
S. Dasgupata
6 Large Igneous Provinces in Gondwanaland S. Sensharma
Bryan C. Storey
Theme: Antarctic Surface Processes, Landscapes, and Links with Cryosphere and Climate
7 Evolution of Antarctic topography and bathymetry: understanding links between landscapes, ice and palaeoclimate Stewart Jamieson
KarstenGohl and
8 Surficial processes and climate change in Antarctic terrestial environment: changes and Impact on permafrost, erosion and chemical weathering W. Berry Lyons
9  ANTPAS - Antarctic Permafrost, Soils and Periglacial Environments Goncalo Viera

Theme: Antarctic Solid Earth Structure and Interactions with the Cryosphere
10 The structure and evolution of the Antarctic continent in light of recent geophysical and geological investigations Fausto Ferraccioli
Joachim Jacobs
Detlef Damaske
Doug Wiens
11 Cryosphere - Solid Earth Interactions Terry Wilson
Samantha Hansen
Wouter van der Wal
12 Antarctic Geothermal Heat Flux, Subglacial Geology and Ice Dynamics Chris Carson
Sridhar Anandakrishnan
Theme: Antarctica, the Southern Ocean, and Evolution of Climate and the Global Cryosphere
13 Past Antarctic ice sheet behaviour and response to external forcing Duanne White
14 The Himalayana Crosphere- Global versus Regional climate forcing Rasik Ravindra
Naresh C Pant
Deepak Srivastava
15 Palaeoclimate Records from Antarctic Drilling Projects Laura De Santis
Carlota Escutia
Barbara Stenni  
16 Interactions between cryosphere, atmosphere and oceans in coastal Antarctica Thamban Meloth
Kenny Matsuoka
17 Southern Ocean Paleoclimatology Manish Tiwari
Rahul Mohan
18 Paleoenviromental changes in Antarctica and Southern Oceans since the last Glacial Maximum Jimenez-Espejo
F. J. Manoj
M.C. Suganuma, Y.
19 Lake Sediment Records of Past Changes in sea level and climate during the Late Quaternary Elie Verleyen
Anish K Warrier
Mahesh B.S,
Theme: Biodiversity and the Evolution of Life
20 Break up of Gondwana and Vertebrate evolution GVR Prasad
21 Key drivers of Antarctic biodiversity through the Cenozoic: the influence of climate, oceanography and tectonics

Rowan Whittle
Claudio A. González-Wevar
Pete Convey
Theme: Frontiers in Antarctic Earth Sciences
22 New Frontiers in Remote Sensing in Antarctic Earth Sciences: Cross-disciplinary advances Shridhar Jawak
Alvarinho J. Luis
Eugene MIkhalsky
23 Geo-conservation in Antarctic Chris Carson
24 Exploring Unknown Antarctica Martin Siegert
Don Blankenship
Sun Bo
25 Antarctic Meteorite and Micrometeorite Akira Yamaguchi 
Philippe Claeys 
Jong Ik Lee    
Kazuyuki Shiraishi
Theme: General Antarctic Earth Science
26 Advances in the mapping, dating and classification of Antarctic surficial sediments Simon Cox

The proceedings of the Conference are proposed to be brought out as a Geological Society of London Special Publication, in different volumes.