Top 10 Vodka Brands in India

Rum is truly the latest favorite consume among the younger years as well as the happy older individuals. Moreover, almost all the delicious beverages are imperfect without vodka. This makes it a must buy for almost all the events and formal get together in the country. However, there are very few Native indian vodka manufacturers, which are well-known in Native indian. Generally, individuals prefer the international manufacturers, which are brought in to Native indian. They are the higher selling lots than the general local vodkas.

vodka brandsMany Native indian girls are attached to of vodka, because it is quite light in taste and it is made of grain and apples. Another reason of being so used by younger generation is that the vodka contains only 30 to 35 % alcohol. The vodka content looks clear and in Native indian, mainly the brought in manufacturers are widely well-known. Celebration, occasion, meeting or any other social get together, vodka is now getting a must buy option for adding extra charm in your life.

Magic Moments

Magic Minutes is one of the best vodka manufacturers that are available in Native indian. It is belonging to the Radico Khaitan Group. Miracle Minutes is available in various tastes such as Lemon, Lemon, Strawberry, Natural The apple company, Chocolate and Lemon Lawn. Miracle Minutes is one of the most delicious and least expensive Native indian vodka manufacturers available in the market.

White Mischief

White Trouble comes from the house of U. s. Breweries and is one of the most favored vodka manufacturers in Native indian. This is one of the least expensive vodka manufacturers that has a sleek taste and is great for beverages as well as an individual consume. This product has several of tastes which enable you to realize various beverages so you can make one that suits your tastebuds the best. White-colored Trouble is a cost-effective product and is perfect for events too. The tastes consist of Super Pure, Natural The apple company & Nutmeg, Apple & Great, and Bananas & Ginseng.


Romanov is one of the top vodka manufacturers that are available in Native indian. This is one of the most common manufacturers and is part of almost every party or celebration that is held in Native indian. It is belonging to U. s. Breweries and is known for its interesting taste and top quality vodka that it produces. The variety of tastes that are available with Romanov easily puts it among the top 10 vodka manufacturers in Native indian. The most favored tastes that are available in Romanov are green apple, orange and lemon.


Vladivar is another leading vodka product that is associated with U. s. Breweries. This is one of the few vodka manufacturers that have a sharp taste to it which stands out even when you blend it with beverages. Those who like their beverages a little more powerful will enjoy this product. Vladivar is a cost-effective vodka product which is available in a variety of tastes such as Natural The apple company, Lemon Energy and Original Energy. The enables individuals to realize some new beverages and build their own beverages too.

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