Food processor vs Mixer Grinders (Which one is Better)

For making a cake, we need a stand mixer. For preparing smoothies, we require a blender and for finely chopping vegetables, a food processor is a requirement. Stop! A food processor is also able to mix cakes and a blender can is able to do the veggies. Top Brands Mixer Grinders come with required attachments to perform all types of additional functions. However, you must have the appropriate knowledge about the machine, which you really require.

Food processor vs Mixer GrindersLet us look at the insights of a food processor and stand grinder from which you can distinguish their features, usages etc.

Food Processor

A Food processor is an Electric appliance that eases the food preparing process in the kitchen. It involves a number of changeable plates as well as disks that are able to perform numerous tasks of individuals. Generally, no liquid is needed in the processor for its performance.

A food processor is a multiskilled kitchen appliance, able to chop, shred, slice, puree, and grind almost any type of food easily and quickly. Some of the models are also capable of assisting the home cook in preparing vegetable and citrus juice, kneading bread dough, beating cake batter, grinding vegetables and meats, beating egg whites, grating hard cheese, making curry pastes, dips, batters, and mayonnaise, and finely chopping bread crumbs.

A food processor converts labor-intensive tiresome preparing jobs easy and quick. It is capable of replacing the mandolin, the mortar, the mixer, the grinder as well as pestle along with the box grater. Individuals, who want to save time in their kitchen but want to make every single aspect from the scratch, can go for a food processor. Individuals (vegetarians and vegans), who make lots of vegetables and fruits, might require a food processor.

A Food processor is not appropriate for blending cocktails, smoothies, and soups unless it features a blender attachment. Food processors can be bulky that consumes valuable bench as well as cupboard space.

Must-Have Features

Large and small bowl capacity

Storage for the attachments

If you are searching for blend liquids, then ensure about a watertight seal along with a liquid maximising disc, placed inside the particular bowl and prevents liquids from rising up that bowl as well as leaking out of the respective lid.

Adjustable slicing disc, two-size grating as well as shredding blade, and chip blade.

Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer is a useful kitchen appliance that is helpful in kneading the dough, whisking egg whites and cream as well as mixing batter. Some of the benchtop mixers house other attachments as an extra option including a mincer, blender, pasta machine, sausage machine, food processor, fruit press, and citrus juicer. The stand mixers feature large capacity bowls in order to make larger quantities. It is appropriate for those, who like to bake cakes, biscuits, slices of bread, marshmallows, choux pastry along with meringues only.

Stand mixers will turn to be an appliance of limited functionality if they are not featuring the non-compulsory extras that have been mentioned above. A stand mixer can be costly and it is not able to chop, blend or puree. It might not capable of accommodating smaller quantities like whisking two egg whites. It is not suitable for limited cupboard space and bench space.

Must-Have Features  

Single beater attachments including a scraper beater, dough hook, and whisk.

Splash guard lifting off with the motor head and making scraping the bowl easier.

Suction feet for providing stability on the respective bench while mixing heavy doughs.

Now, you can easily select the appropriate appliance for your kitchen. It is difficult to specify which one is better, as it absolutely depends on your requirement.

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